Welcome to Books@Jacaranda

Books@Jacaranda was founded in 1997 and is a full service literary agency, working with first time as well as established writers covering the entire range of activities associated with successfully placing a manuscript. In 2008, the agency expanded to open a branch in Singapore.

The Better Man by Anita Nair, and Night of the Krait by Shashi Warrier were amongst the first successes. Anita Nair has since been a mentor and friend.

Our Mission Statement:

We value the relationships we build with our writers and publishers, and we place value in nurturing these relationships. Our mission is as simple as our philosophy. We look for good writing from anywhere in the world to become accessible globally. Simply put, we want our writers’ word to become their published word. Jacaranda is driven by the passion to make the world better for readers by ensuring that gifted writers from all corners of the globe are discovered, nurtured and published.”

The Jacaranda Team

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